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Sagari Rayn
Mere Mehboob
Pyaar Ka Rang
Oh Shaava
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Ragz’s latest eternally romantic music album “Sagari Rayn”. Pop this romance Pill right away !! Step into the Sultanate of Oman and let Trilok and Ragz tug at your heartstrings. Drown into sufi offerings with “Jugni” and “Dama Dam”. Travel to south hall singing “Balle Balle” Turn the lights low for “Kadmon ke Nishan”
Bella Ragazza
Chica Guapa
Energie Mädchen
Jamila Habibi
The stage is her oyster. Traveled all across the globe and performed in over 200 live concerts, Ragz is geared up for more. In love with dancing, screaming crowds and dazzling lights, Raageshwari and her dancers come alive from the word Go.

Raageshwari has a repertoire ranging from Pop songs to Ballads, Bhangra to Bollywood, London Club to Underground Pub, Sufi to Disco and not to forget her latest addition the De Dandiya Dance.
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